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Please Note - Speakers Club meetings are currently suspended. If you need any support for public speaking skills, please call David on 07726 910542.

Skills And Confidence
In Public Speaking

Speakers Club - Darlington offers opportunities for anyone in the Darlington area to learn techniques, practice skills and build confidence in public speaking and communicating with groups of people.

Designed as an alternative to training courses, our approach encourages members to share their experiences and help each other.

At our meetings we practise virtually all aspects of public speaking and group communication:

  • speeches and presentations
  • discussions and debates
  • interview techniques
  • engaging with an audience
  • get your message across
  • organising and running meetings
  • using visual aids
  • and much more..

We have a very flexible approach built around a broad range of general exercises that help every member. We can also introduce or adapt activities to meet an individual member's needs or respond to the interests of the group at the time.

Skills For Life's Challenges

The skills and confidence you develop with us can help you in many areas of your life, not just when you have to give a speech.

Perhaps you have been promoted and your new job requires you to discuss matters with management and staff or chair meetings. Maybe you are planning to change your job and need some practice at being interviewed.

Are you studying for exams and qualifications? Most courses nowadays require you to give presentations to teachers, assessors or other students.

Do you have to make a speech at a wedding or party? Have you been asked to read a lesson at church or talk about an interesting hobby to a local community group?

All of these situations, and many others, can be less daunting if you have the skills and confidence for speaking to groups. Speakers Club - Darlington can help you develop the skills and confidence you need and have fun while you do it!

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Venue Directions

Dolphin Centre, Darlington

Most of our meetings are held at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington. Here are directions if you are visiting from out of town.

More Information

If you would like more information about the group you may either use our enquiry form or give David a call on 07726 910542 during office hours.